Five Reasons You Should Not Give Up*


Ever feel like giving up? Well you shouldn’t. Here’s why:

1. You are awesome

You are awesome. Period.

How do I know you’re awesome? It’s simple. You are either one of two people.

One, you are someone I already know who is visiting this blog because I’ve invited you to read it. If you’re someone I know who I’ve invited to visit a blog chronicling my inner most thoughts and wildly raw writing then you are an awesome person. Badda bing. Done.

Two, you are someone to whom I have no prior connection who is visiting this blog out of the human impulse to explore the thoughts and words of another human being in hopes that you will find something of depth, meaning, and/or value. Or at the very least, entertainment. The kinds of people who troll the thoughts of strangers in hopes of resonation are always fascinating and thoughtful people themselves. Fascinating and thoughtful = awesome. Ergo, you are awesome.

So don’t give up. Because you’re awesome.

2. You don’t want to give up

What could possibly compel a person to read a blog entry titled, “Five Reasons You Should Not Give Up?” That’s simple: they are a person who does not want to give up.

The sheer fact that you’ve found yourself here, ruminating on these words proves that some small part of you is appealing and reaching for hope. If you wanted to give up, you wouldn’t read this article. It would seem trite and pedantic and hokey and you’d have none of it. It would be fluffy bullshit. You aren’t someone who tolerates fluffy bullshit.

But you’re still reading, aren’t you?

That means to you, this is not fluffy bullshit. It is actually something that resonates or which you desperately want to resonate.

Drumroll … You don’t want to give up.

3. There’s a profound reason why you haven’t already given up

You could have given up a thousand and twelve times already. But you didn’t.

Why didn’t you? Because you weren’t damn well ready to.

And you still aren’t.

There’s a reason you’ve made it this far, my friend. The reason is that something profound and powerful is pulling you towards this seemingly insurmountable “thing” you wish to achieve/accomplish/finish/survive. Trust that profound and powerful force. It’s your god. It’s taken you this far, so quit being a little bitch.

Don’t give up.

4. Karma is a bitch

My husband and I planned on moving to Nashville this summer. I got into grad school down there and we were ready to pick up our lives and make the move.

Because my husband was being such an amazing human being for accommodating my academic pursuits, I thought it would be nice to try and return the favor.

My husband loves country music. Loves. His entire iTunes account is filled with the likes of Brad Paisley, George Strait, and Alan Jackson. I did not know who any of these people were before I met him.

In November, the country music legend George Jones was set to play a show in Nashville. This was to be his last show ever. Fireworks and trumpets blazing. It was his final, final, final farewell tour. Usually when artists say that, I don’t buy it. But George Jones was up in his eighties so, well, maybe it just might be.

For our first year anniversary, I asked our parents to pool in with me and buy my husband tickets to see George Jones. The concert was going to be huge. Everyone and their mother who is anything in country music was set to be there. Garth Brooks was emerging from the cave of retirement to make a special appearance. This was big. And we had tickets right near the stage. Scoring these tickets was one of the highlights of my wifely career to date.

My husband was overjoyed. It gave him something to look forward to when we made the move and it gave me enormous peace of mind to know that he was now officially excited to move thousands of miles away from his friends, family, and career prospects.

We got an email two weeks after buying the tickets.

The concert was cancelled.

George Jones died.

We did not move to Nashville. We got the message.


Over the past few months we’ve been trying to buy our first home. We found an adorable little nest up in New Hampshire and spent the summer jumping through hoops, making concessions with the sellers and filling out endless VA paperwork to secure our mortgage.

We finished all of the steps Monday. The sellers just told us Tuesday that they had finished with the repairs they agreed to make and the house was ready for final inspection. We were set to close next Friday.

We got a call from our realtor yesterday.

The house burned down.

We are not moving to New Hampshire. We got the message.


You see, life has a way of teaching us what we refuse to learn ourselves. My husband and I can now clearly see why we should never have considered moving to Nashville, and are in the process of trying to understand why the house in New Hampshire wasn’t a good fit for us.

Maybe we’re weird for looking for some kind of cosmic explanation for these events. But when life kills country music legends and burns down your house, it’s pretty hard not to listen.

You aren’t supposed to give up. (See point #3.) If you give up, there’s a good chance the universe will take vengeance on you. It may kill a music legend. It may burn down your adorable little house. Or it may leave you with an aching feeling of regret that you harbor in the deepest parts of your soul for the rest of your days.

So don’t give up.

The wrath of the universe is mighty. Trust me. Don’t fuck with it.

5. You can always give up later if you want

Remember when you were a kid and you came home from school and turned on the television instantly. And remember how that little voice inside of you said, “Pst, hey, you should probably do your homework, kid.” And remember how you answered with bravado, “Psh, there’s plenty of time! I’ll do it later. Relax inner voice!”

Remember how good that felt?

You can still do that. Right now.

Why quit now when you’re obviously not certain of your decision? (See point #2.)

Why not give it a few days/months/years/lifetimes?

Just do it later. Really. No big deal. Quitting later will not cost you anything except perhaps “wasted” effort. But there really is no such thing as wasted effort. Any effort you place in anything will build up your muscles (spiritual/physical/mental/et al.) and make you a more kick ass version of yourself.

Also, by putting off quitting till later, you will inherit a much lighter sense of regret. You haven’t come to terms with whatever monster-sized challenge you’re grappling with yet. If you had, you’d have quit already. But you haven’t. So don’t quit now.

Procrastinate. It’ll feel good.

It always does.

*Now, if you’re one of those slippery little devils who likes to shift reality in order to suit your masochistic purposes, I’m calling you out right now on your bullshit. Let me officially declare right here that these words of encouragement do not apply to you if what you are considering quitting is something unhealthy for you or just plain crappy (e.g.: smoking, drinking, being in an unloving relationship, lusting after your neighbor’s wife, kidnapping small children in white windowless vans, being a douchebag, not calling your mother back, killing country music legends and burning down adorable little houses, etc.). If these are the kinds of things you’re considering quitting, then ignore all of the above advice and quit right now. You can do it. (See point #1.)


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